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 RuneSlay 562, 24/7. SUMMONING, PK&SKILL

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Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: RuneSlay 562, 24/7. SUMMONING, PK&SKILL   Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:05 am


-RuneSlay 562-
CLIENT DOWNLOAD: ?y5gcmcr5ne2454q

Stuff's we have:
-AGS,D Claws, BGS, SS, SGS, ZGS, Vesta long, Statius warhammer's working SAME AS IN RuneScape seriously.
-Server is meaned for pking & skilling. this is kinda large server. Wink
-Summoning works!
-U can play FullScreen mode, or HighDetal, Or LowDetail
-Resting, Vengeance, other lunar magicks, barrage, blitz, and MIASMIC! Is working.
-This is an 562 server.
-Lot's of fun to play, also 4 custom minigames made by me. Smile
-SPirit shield's.
-Quick-prayer's works same as in RuneScape.
-All item's works.
-Added lots of random stuff. ;D
-GOod pk places!
-Good skilling places!
-Added Fishing, Hunter, Fletching, Herbloring.
-All boss monster's like KBD, GodWars, Coproreal Beast, AND More.
-We have lots of more stuff in server, im so sorry, im just so lazy to write all the shit here. Just Download and check it out. Wink
-Server's owner is: Lesen.
-Admin's: Koodeks
-Mod's: None.

CLIENT DOWNLOAD: ?y5gcmcr5ne2454q


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RuneSlay 562, 24/7. SUMMONING, PK&SKILL
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