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 iHybrid [REINCARNATION] New style Hybrid - 50+ - Great Community - Daily updates-VPS!

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Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: iHybrid [REINCARNATION] New style Hybrid - 50+ - Great Community - Daily updates-VPS!   Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:48 am

This is the [OFFICIAL] advertisement thread for iHybrid. iHybrid is now an economic server based around Pking.

Whats makes us different from the others?
-We are a dedicated team that helps player in no time, you will always see me or Austin online, we DO listen to your suggestions, we read every feedback and every suggestion you give us, We do have events, and every problem gets solved.

So, want some of your idea's in the server, start suggestion on our forums.


-*TOTALEXP gainer
-face to object
-face to npc
-face to player in trading
-specleech, defenceleech, attackleech, strengthleech, rangedleech, magicleech work properly with the correct gfx and emote
-Donator area
-bank glitch fixed
-Range shop
-Thieving chest
-Red button for ticket exchange 15kea
-Full fishing added
-Frame 1 fixed
-Interface template made
-Sceptre teleporting to chaotic bosses
-Teletab can't teleport in combat
-Chest readded works perfectly
-ALL3 bosses finished
-Drops for bosses
-Bosse healing and chatting
-vls spec decreased
-Npcdrops rewritten
-chaotic rapier added to server
-Shadow sword special and bonus added
-Added full fishing
-Redid shop methods
-New food added : manta ray
-Server vid made, check forums
-Updated some boards on the forums
-Chaotic Weapons
-Curse Prayers (leeches, ss, turm, etc.)
-PvP Armour
-All Spirit Shield Effects
-Great Economy (we just started so help me improve on this)

Quest Tab Buttons:
-Premium Area
-Kill/Death Ratio
-Moneymaking 1 Safe
-Moneymaking 2 Danger - Single
-Moneymaking 3 Danger - Multi
-Switch Spellbook
-Switch Prayerbook
-Hybrid Set
-Melee Set
-Barrage Runes
-Veng Runes
-Food (noted)

Quest Tab Buttons Explanation:
Premium Area:
-Donator Island basically
-Button that loads helpList() which explains how the server works
Kill/Death Ratio:
-KDR button from 503+ servers
-All explained below
Switch Spellbook:
-Each click switches to a different magic book (lunar, ancients, regular)
Switch Prayerbook:
-Each click switches to a different prayer book (ancient cureses, regular)
Hybrid Set:
-Spawns detailed hybrid gear, free to spawn, good for fast pking
Melee Set:
-Spawns detailed melee gear, free to spawn, good for fast pking
Barrage Runes:
-Spawns Death, Water, and Blood runes
Veng Runes:
-Spawns Death, Earth, And Astral runes
Food (noted):
-Spawns 1k Noted Sharks

1m Cash
Hybrid Set
Meele Set

Money Making Explanation:
The economy is based off a demand for coins. The majority of the items in-game are based off REAL RS PRICES. Now this doesn't mean items are hard to get. It simply means every item in-game is balanced and the money/hour rate is much higher than RuneScape's.

Money Making Explanation:
Moneymaking 1:
- Safe area where you kill a certain easy npc that drops items (worst way to make money in-game)

Moneymaking 2:
- Dangerous area (in wild) (good way to make money in game) animated green dragons in wilderness

Moneymaking 3:
- Dangerous area (in wild) (good way to make money in-game) dagganoths

*This will create a desire for Hybrids to leave the 1v1 PKing area and creates a desire for money-makers to leave the safe money-making areas.
*The monsters will all drop different items. These items are sellable to the general shop. General shops will be scattered all across the game.

100% Working leech prayers, ofcourse the other works also.

-New bosses added , the chaotic meleer, the chaotic mager, and the chaotic ranger, these are located east of runite rocks in the wilderness.

-Our brand new chaotic rapier and shadow sword are introduced in the server

-Sceptre now teleports you into the wilderness close to the 3 bosses, you will need to sacrifie 5 pk points to get you teleported that deep in the wilderness.

[SIZE="3"]You can sell/buy items in shop.[/SIZE]

Still not convinced?

watch our youtube vid :
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iHybrid [REINCARNATION] New style Hybrid - 50+ - Great Community - Daily updates-VPS!
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