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 rsps synestia client

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rsps synestia
Get Some more Posts Noob
Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: rsps synestia client   Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:49 am " border="0" alt="" />

Synestia is a economic server with 30x experience rates.
it only has most skills working at the moment.
but im working on getting all skills working.

Synestia is updated DAILY." border="0" alt="" />

Some pictures/I] " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" /> " border="0" alt="" />[/QUOTE]

[B]Preview video/B] [URL][/URL]
[B]God Wars Preview video/B] [URL][/URL]

Forum can be found here(more indepth tutorials and etc found there: [url] [/url]


[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Friends and Ignore list
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Player vs Player combat.
[color:ccca="Lime"]80% Player vs NPC combat. (needs magic)
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Prayer (All works on Players AND NPC's)

70% Magic spells (Needs some spells adding)
[color:ccca="Lime"]90% Thieving (Needs some work)
[color:ccca="Lime"]99% God Wars Dungeon (needs a few tweaks)
[color:ccca="Lime"]95% Shopping (Needs Buy X adding)
[color:ccca="Lime"]90% Banking (Just needs tabs adding)
[color:ccca="Lime"]80% BountyHunter (Needs some work)
[color:ccca="Lime"]95% Special Attacks (Just needs a few more)
[color:ccca="Red"]50% Grand Exchange[color:ccca="Red"] (Needs interfaces adding)
100% Character Design
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Clan Chat with Custom Ranks and Posts
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Real PK Drops(not random) and Kill and death count
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Starter and advanced training areas
[color:ccca="Lime"]85% Slayer With tasks and slayer points (needs more adding)

[color:ccca="Lime"]90% Fight Caves (Needs more waves adding)
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Player voted Mods, you can vote for people to become Mod!
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Fishing, all spots work!

[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Cooking, all works
60% Warriors guild, needs some stuff adding.
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% MySQL implemented
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Woodcutting

[color:ccca="Lime"]90% Fletching, just needs stringing
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Online highscore with ranks ([URL=" "]Here[/URL])

[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Barrows (My way)
[color:ccca="Lime"]100% Skeletons save and load when you die(corpses)

How to play/B]

Please vote, the more votes the more players!

IP Address: [B]

[I]Official client download/I] [URL] 3FJ1G47F[/URL]

Just extract it and Click run
[B]Z508 IP Changer/B] [url] IPMGD2PM[/url]
[I]Move the z508 folder into the C:/ drive.
If it doesn't run, open the Launch Files with notepad.
replace "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\java"
with "java" (no quotes round it).

Please leave a comment, i love to hear what y'all think.

Thank you for reading,
- Saint.
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rsps synestia client
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