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 On the banks of the Tennessee River

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On the banks of the Tennessee River Empty
PostSubject: On the banks of the Tennessee River   On the banks of the Tennessee River I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 12:02 am

We lived on the banks of the Tennessee River, and we owned the powerful laser pen when we were girls. We ran wild through powerful green lasers summer days that never ended but only melted one into the powerful green laser. We floated down rivers of weekdays with no school, no rules , no parents, and no constructs other than our power laser pointer We were good girls, my sister and I. We had nothing mini laser pointer to rebel against. This was just life as we knew200mw laser pointer, and we knew the summers to be long and to be ours.
The 20mw green laser that ran past our house was a one-lane 250mw green laser. Every morning, after our 250mw laser pointer had gone to work, I'd wait for the mail lady to pull up to our box. Some days I would put enough300mw green laser for a few stamps into a mason jar lid and leave 300mw laser pointer in the mailbox. I hated bothering mail lady with this 30mw green laser, which made her 30mw laser pointer take longer. But I liked that she knew that someone in our 500mw green laser sent letters into the outside world.

I liked walking to the mailbox in my bare feet and leaving footprints on the dewy 532nm green laser. I imagined that feeling the wetness on the50MW green laser of my feet made me a poet. I had never read LASER BEAM, outside of some LASER PEN. But I imagined that people who knew of such things would walk to their mailboxes through the morning dew in their bare feet.

We planned our LASER POINTER with the help of Barbie dolls and the tiny 100mw blue laser
wild flowers growing in our side yard. We became100mw laser pointer and tested 100mw red laser of milk, orange juice, and 10mw green laser. We ate handfuls of bittersweet chocolate 10mw laser pointer and licked 150mw green laser peanut butter off150mw laser pointer. When we ran out of 200mw green laser to eat, we snitched sugary Flintstones vitamins out of the medicine cabinet. We became masters of the WHOLESALE ELECTRONICS
RED LASER macaroni and cheese lunch, and we 100MW LASER called our mother at work three times a day to give her updates on our adventures. But don't call 532NM LASER too often or speak too loudly or whine too much, we told BLUE LASER ourselves, or else they'll get annoyed and she'll get fired and the summers BURNING LASER will end.

We shaped our days the way we BUY ELECTRONICS chose, far from the prying BUY LASER of adults. We found our dad's Playboys and charged the BUY WHOLESALE neighborhood boys money to look at them. We made crank calls around the CHEAP ELECTRONICS county, telling people they had won a new DISCOUNT ELECTRONICS. "What kind?" they'd ELECTRONICS WHOLESALERS ask. "Red," we'd always GREEN LASER say. We put on our mom's old prom dresses, complete with gloves and hats, and sang backup to the C.W. McCall song convoy, " which we'd found on our dad's turntable.

We went on hikes into the woods red beam laser behind our house, crawling under barbed wire fences and through tangled undergrowth. Heat and red laser pen humidity found their way throught he red laser pointer to our flushed faces. We waded in streams that we were always surprised to come across. We wholesale blue laser walked past cars and auto parts that had been abandoned in the wholesale green laser, far from any road. We'd reach the tree line and come out unexpectedly into a cow pasture. We''d perch on the wholesale laser pointer or stretch out on the large flat limes tone outcrop wholesale red laser that marked the Wholesale end of the Woods Behind Our House.
One day a thunderstorm Wholesalers blew up along the Tennessee River. It was one of those storms that make the day go dark and the humidity disappear. First it was still and quiet. There was electricity in the air and then the sharp crispness of a summer day being blown wide open as the winds rushed in.
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On the banks of the Tennessee River
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