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 Rune-Lite 508/525

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Get Some more Posts Noob
Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: Rune-Lite 508/525   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:39 am

Some Information:
So my new server is finally here there is 2 worlds, both created me my friend Kevin runs

world 1 which is PVP and Spawning and world 2 is run by me which is PVP/Economy, World 2 is

going to have many skills, and minigames and possibly a few quests added to it. There is a

webclient for both world's and if it isn't responsive with you there is a downloadable

client. If you have any suggestions feel free to post them because we want to make the

server the best we can. Any questions, or comments either post in a reply or you can

message me on msn @

World 2 Pictures:
General Areas:

Sea Queen

Kalphite Queen

Pest Control(Kill monster's for void)

King Black Dragon


Godwars(Enter the boss chamber to get Kill count)

Abyssal Demons/Dark beasts

Chaos Elemental



Black Dragons

Green Dragons

PVP Zones:
Pk box

Oldschool PK
Only use pvp item's such as rune, dragon, dds, whip, barrows, no bandos/PVP gear(D claws,

zuriels, morrigans etc.)

Mage Bank

1v1 PVP

Multi PVP

Crazy PVP

Bounty hunter

Pk Point shop Combat

Pk shop Rares

Range Shop

Melee shop

Magic Shop

Supplies Shop

Woodcutting Shop

Crafting Shop

Pure-Essence Shop





Coming Soon:
Fight Pits, Duel arena, Castle wars, More skills, New forums(going to upgrade to .com

domain), and A dedi for world 2(World 1 is already running on a dedi.), and there's so much

more. So Join Today!!

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Rune-Lite 508/525
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