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 Atroscape "the beginning of an old era"

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Get Some more Posts Noob
Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: Atroscape "the beginning of an old era"   Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:06 pm

DL LINK: ?5jutmmijnyy
DL LINK: ?5jutmmijnyy
DL LINK: ?5jutmmijnyy
DL LINK: ?5jutmmijnyy
DL LINK: ?5jutmmijnyy
DL LINK: ?5jutmmijnyy

Looking for a server where you can be yourself, go do some skills, or just pk your heart out?
Have you been trying to find a 317 with PERFECT dclaw specials, tired of everyone saying they have it but just end up having dclaws that hit 40 40 40 40 and one of them register?
Tired of playing a great server just to find the staff abuses?
Your search stops now.
Note: This server you're not going to log on get staff, or items.
You earn your items and staff.
This is a brand new server that was just released at 10:32 PM, Monday, January 25, 2010
Come and grow with us!

A great staff that will help you with your problems and doesn't abuse!
Good shops
A balanced economy
Perfect specials and gfx's and hit counters
Great Pvp combat including 1v1, hybridding, tribiding
Great Pvc combat
Bosses with balanced drops
decent edge home with shops inside the bank
A donator system with the symbol and shop including pvp armours, spirit shields and dclaws (still able to get without being donator)
and so much more that you'll have to join to see!
am trying to add combat following! (will be added soon)

Picture Galary:

Ags Specials:

Bgs Specials:

Sgs Specials:

Zgs Specials:

SS Specials:

Dragon Claws Specials:

DFS Specials:

DH hits with 5 hp:

Pvp armours, and spirit shields:
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Atroscape "the beginning of an old era"
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