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 Criminal Minds Quite a Good Show

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PostSubject: Criminal Minds Quite a Good Show   Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:21 am

There are so many interesting part in Criminal Minds, Most of my friends have already watch this good show, all of them like it very much. I’m sure if you have a sight on this show you can’t help watching more of the show. I think you will have more interesting to watch all Criminal Minds seasons 1-6 DVD. And you will wonder what will happen in the next.

The first body was found on a carousel by a hapless security guard. The creepy part was the body of the woman was made up to look like a life size doll. And these dolls look like that coming to life and kill you. Anyway, the team pieces together all of the clues and figures that the Criminals must be a woman. In the Criminal Minds seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set it turns out that our criminals is an avid doll collector who is trying to put back together her doll collection she lost when she was a little girl, but for some complicated reason she decided to use grown women instead. The fact is that she would drug her victims so they were physically unable to move, but were still awake. At last, the team found the final piece to the puzzle when they interviewed the woman's father. It’s obvious that the good old dad apparently used shock therapy on his daughter and liked to molest little girls, so I guess it’s the man's fault. So many interesting part and soul-stirring story in the Criminal Minds, I recommend you to watch it. The more you watch it and the more you will like it.

All in all, Criminal Minds is an interesting TV show, and I think after I tell the interesting part to you, you will have interesting to watch it. And now Criminal Minds seasons DVD has released already. You can buy it and watch it at home, you won’t miss any interesting part. Like it and watch it, wish you have a wonderful day.

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Criminal Minds Quite a Good Show
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