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 Gossip Girl Very Close To Teen-agers

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PostSubject: Gossip Girl Very Close To Teen-agers   Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:58 pm

Gossip Girl TV show is full of exciting parts. In the season 2 it is the end of school year and a time to decide and plan for future studies. Blair Waldorf had set her eyes on Yale from relatively young age. But Yale only admits one undergraduate from Constance in a year and it appears they have decided on another student. The Gossip Girl Seasons 1-4 DVD show is replete with passion, love tangles, amorous relations between student and teacher, societal sins.
One difference that caught attention was how Dan's father was a musician and not a writer. In the Gossip Girl Season 1-4 DVD show it shows his father as a musician and doesn't talk about his writings or anything like that. Dan and Jenny's mother went away on "vacation" and had not come back. The work done by Josh Schwartz for the show is anything but wonderful. He continues to surprise with his brazen peep into the lives of the affluent and the influential. The cast overall has done a great job in Gossip Girl.
The DVD itself is quite spicy with unique features. In my opinion young adult will like it very much, because this TV show very close to the young adult’s life. The things happen in the show maybe also happen to us. So Gossip Girl Seasons DVD worth you watching, you can see you shadow in the show.
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Gossip Girl Very Close To Teen-agers
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