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 DeadlyForce - Excalibur of RSPS || 24/7 VPS || Webclient || Guaranteed Unique

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Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: DeadlyForce - Excalibur of RSPS || 24/7 VPS || Webclient || Guaranteed Unique   Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:06 am

DeadlyForce Client Link - DeadlyForce - Guaranteed Unique Server
DeadlyForce Website - DeadlyForce - Excalibur of RSPS
DeadlyForce Webclient - DeadlyForce Webclient

DeadlyForce is one of a vast number of servers in the RSPS community. But we are continnuely updating to pull us away from the traditional server look. We do not copy anyone's ideas, we aim for originality and we want players to come because we are different from the rest. We are not money hungry nor greedy, as long as we get enough to keep the server running its all good! We are a community that LOVES rsps and just want to play. Come and find out for yourself, give us your input & suggestions, they are always welcome.

Here are DeadlyForce's features:

- 24/7Active Community
- Fully Working Highscores
- Vote4Cash
- Custom Herblore
- Very Unique Donor Zones
- Very Low Donation Prices
- Fletch Dark Bow + Dye Dark Bow Different Colours Along With Whips
- Custom Craft Dragon (or) & (sp)!
- Great Support Staff & Looking For Some More Staff
- Always Looking For Unique Skills From Players
- Great Pking & Unique Skilling
- Custom Spirit Shield & DFS Smithing
- Fully Working Skilling & Combat System
- Starter Pack For New Players
- Stable Economy & Active Market
- Remade God Wars
- Fight Caves
- Barrows (just kill and drop)
- Active & Friendly Forum
- DeadlyForce Points With Rewards
- Dungeoneering Armour
- Spirit Shields & Working Corps
- Frost & Mithril Dragons
- Hailstorm & Frostbite Daggers + Flameburst Defender
- Working Empowered Staves
- War Clothing
- Elegant Clothing
- Working Soul Split & Turmoil
- Working Veng
- Working Barrage Freeze
- DeadlyForce, Mage Bank, & Agility Point Systems
- 1 Wave Jad
- Fully Working Warrior Guild & Dragon Defender
- Very Low Donation Prices
- Weekly/Monthly Deals, Promotions, & Contests
- Fully Working Gambling

Come Check Us Out & See For Yourself!

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DeadlyForce - Excalibur of RSPS || 24/7 VPS || Webclient || Guaranteed Unique
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