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 ieldor - World 1

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PostSubject: ieldor - World 1   ieldor - World 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 9:16 pm

ieldor - World 1 Ipbos2

ieldor . net

Hello, I would like to welcome you to Ieldor. This server is based on Project Insanity We are currently working on features to impress you as the player. Expect to see a good unique server. This is only the beginning on the new era of RSPS this server will have a lot of changes but we want to get a good player base in the mean time.
This server will have 2 different server's the 2nd world will be started once we have completed the 1st world. The 1st world will have a whole new map that will be made from scratch, I plan on not using any part of the original map of RuneScape. This will happen over time so don't expect it right away.
We also also are going to be creating new mini-games that have never been seen before. There will be a whole new outlook on our mini-games. There will be a wide variety of types of mini-games from obtaining items to PvP mini-games.

Server Features
Perfect Magic
Near-perfect combat.
5+ Mini-Games
Great Training areas.
Many PKing teleports.
Every Skill working.
Great economy.
Active players and staff.
Items on death interface.
Curses working.
Working hand cannon w/ special.
Working EXP counter.
Auto donation system.
Vote for rewards system.
Player and NPC clipping in most regions.
Flawless switching.
New combat icons.
New hitmarks.


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ieldor - World 1
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