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 how do i host a rsps?

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Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: how do i host a rsps?   Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:10 am

so..i know nothing about how to code/host a rsps
basicly the only stuff that i know is, i can change home and make myself (and others) owner/admin/mod

so yeah...

but even though i know nothing about coding a rsps i would still like to have my own,
i'v looked at some guides and found out something about i need a chache to make it online?
idk if what i just said made any sence, but can someone please tell me what i need to do to host a rsps, also i dont want to host it from my computer as i think it will slow my internet down, so how do i pay something/someone to host it?

that probably did not make much sence, but what im asking for is:
-what do i need to do to make a rsps online server?
-how do i host it?
-who/where can i pay someone to host it for me?

thank you!  lol! 
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how do i host a rsps?
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