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 SilabGarza v9!

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PostSubject: SilabGarza v9!   SilabGarza v9! I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2014 6:09 pm


There are thousands of RSPS... Why should you play SilGar?

SilabGarza is one of the very first RuneScape Private servers. Little history fact... SilabGarza is so old, we're the oldest that's still online!

But that's not why you're viewing this page, now is it?

You're here in your search for that perfect private server... that server that caters to all of your needs. Pking, skilling, an economy, stable, kind community. maybe even the ability to spawn. Anything your heart desires. Well, you've come to the right spot.

Are you a hardcore pker? Our pking system is being re-touched at any chance we get to make it as perfect as it should be. We put tons of effort into making it what YOU want instead of what WE want. We listen to players and try to implement what the player wants. Is there something you feel we should add? Let us know. I'm sure we'll work out something that satisfies you and everyone else.

Would you rather spend hours skilling? We've got that too! Many perfected skills, including an advanced farming system, construction, any a few other skills in the process.

Do you just come for the interaction? Our community is kind and loving. We'll welcome you in no matter how big your bank is or how high or low your combat level is. With kind and caring staff, we'll do what it takes to help you out and make your experience here the best you'll ever have.

Don't like training combat? Do you wanna get straight into pking? It's just a command away! We'll even give you a free 60 levels!

Want to learn more? Login and play today!


* Constant updates

* Perfected switching

* Plenty of zones to PK
- 44s
- Mage Bank
- Dark Castle
- Green Dragons
- PKbox zone

* Bank tabs

* Fully working reclaim system
- When you lose cosmetics, you can buy them back for a fee so you don't lose your precious items!

* Prestiging system
- Prestige all non-combat skills for amazing cosmetic items, and double prestige for an untrimmed cape with double experience!

* Tons of bosses
- GodWars
- Wyverns
- Tormented Demon
- Giant Mole
- Barrelchest
- Chaos Elemental
- Kalphite Queen
- Mutant Tarn
- Daganoth Kings
- Tarn's dad (CUSTOM BOSS!)

* Loads of minigames
- New zombie minigame
- Pest control
- Fight pits
- Fight caves
- Warrios guild
- Barrows

* Friendly staff and an amazing community
- Our forums are very active, and even account recovery systems are set in place to help you out!
- Get rewarded ranks and special tags when you reach higher postcount, and even a customizable username and title!
- Fully working hiscores to compete with other skillers!
- A vote gateway to vote for cool prices in game!

* Great weapons
- Korasi
- Staff of Light
- Vine Whip, colored whips and regular whip
- Chaotics (Even Crossbow and Staff!)
- Barrelchest anchor
- Wands
- Chinchompas
- All PvP weapons (Morrigan, Statius, Vesta, Zuriel)
- Dragon Claws
- All godswords

* Amazing armour!
- Lunar set
- All Barrows items (With their effects!)
- Dragonbone magic and melee
- Third-age sets
- PvP armour (Morrigan, Statius, Vesta, Zuriel)
- Trimmed armours (Black, Adamant and Rune G and trimmed)
- Headbands
- Defenders up to Dragon
- Godhides
- Arcane blast and stream necklace
- Godwars armour (Bandos and Armadyl)
- All spirit shields
- Rockshell and granite for pure PKers
- Batman and Link outfits!
- Custom party hats!
- And loads of other amazing cosmetic items!


What are you waiting for?
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SilabGarza v9!
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