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 Price Guide for my Server (EmporiumX official Price guide)

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PvM Ben
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PostSubject: Price Guide for my Server (EmporiumX official Price guide)   Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:06 am

Hello and welcome to the ...


This guide works like this:
I will be listing all of the noteable trading items within the game and will post the price next to it's name/picture. To quickly evaluate the price of your item, press the CONTROL and F buttons on your keyboard. Now, simply type the name of the item to search for it on my guide (All names will be their full name - no abbreviations)

NOTE: ALL prices on this guide are THEORYCRAFTED (this means they are not  determined prices - due to the lack of a stable economy right now) but they are simply calculated using an equation of rarity/availability/use within the game.

I hope this helps the server and I'm looking to start establishing a great economy on this great server! Enjoy.

(Note: ALL imbued rings are untradeable and therefore do not have a price)
Archer Ring - 10m
Berserker Ring - 10m
Seers Ring - 5m
Warrior Ring - 3m
Ring of Wealth - 60m

No other loots of note. (Spined Pieces are 100k each - to a collector)


Chaotic Longsword - 40m
Chaotic Maul - 40m
Chaotic Staff - 45m
Chaotic Rapier - 50m
Chaotic Crossbow - 50m
Eagle-Eye Kiteshield - 45m
Chaotic Kiteshield - 40m
Farseer Kiteshield - 40m
Arcane Stream - 8.5m


Bandos Chestplate - 80m
Bandos Tassets - 70m
Bandos Boots - 2m (Worse than Dragon Boots)
Bandos Godsword - 350m (1 in-game)

Armadyl Helmet - 70m
Armadyl Chestplate - 70m
Armadyl Chainskirt - 60m
Armadyl Godsword - 1.8b (1 In-game)

Saradomin Sword - 25m
Saradomin Godsword - 450m (None Ingame)

Zamorakian Spear - 25m
Zamorak Godsword - 400m (None Ingame)

Torva Full Helm - 1.5b
Torva Platebody - 1.5b
Torva Platelegs - 1.5b
Pernix Cowl - 1.5b
Pernix Body - 1.5b
Pernix Legs - 1.5b
Virtus Mask - 1b
Virtus Robe Top - 1.5b
Virtus Robe Bottoms - 1.5b
Zaryte Bow - 1b

Divine Spirit Shield - 4b
Elysian Spirit Shield - 3b
Arcane Spirit Shield - 2b
Spectral Spirit shield - 1b
Holy Elixir - 60m
Spirit Shield - 20m


Dharok The Wretched

Dharok's Helmet - 75m (Very Low Drop Rate)
Dharok's Platebody - 7.5m
Dharok's Platelegs - 7.5m
Dharok's Greataxe - 5m

Ahrim The Blighted

Ahrim's Hood - 5m
Ahrim's Robe Top - 7.5m
Ahrim's Robe Bottoms - 7.5m
Ahrim's Staff - 5m

Verac the Defiled

Verac's Helmet - 7.5m
Verac's Body - 7.5m
Verac's Plateskirt - 7.5m
Verac's Flail - 5m

Guthan the Infested

Guthan's Helmet - 5m
Guthan's Body - 7.5m
Guthan's Legs - 7.5m
Guthan's Warspear - 7.5m

Karil The Tainted
Karil's Cowl - 5m
Karil's Body - 7.5m
Karil's Legs - 7.5m
Karil's Crossbow - 5m
Karil's Bolts - 1m per 1000

Torag The Corrupted

Torag's Helmet - 5m
Torag's Platebody - 7.5m
Torag's Platelegs - 7.5m
Torag's Hammers - 5m

Steadfast Boots - 90m
Glaiven Boots - 100m
Ragefire Boots - 85m


Crystal Key - 2.5m
Spin Ticket - 5m
Magic Logs - 2m per 100 (Obtained through Cutting Magic Trees and Killing the Queen Black Dragon)
Yew Logs - 1m per 100 (Obtained through cutting Yew trees and Killing the Queen Black Dragon)
Raw Rocktail - 1m per 100
Living Minerals - 1m per 100
Fist of Guthix Token - 500gp Each (500k per 1000)


The equation for these items is simple.
1 Trivia Point = 250k which means:
100 Trivia Points  = 25m
Therefore: The Items are as follows:

Ringmaster Hat: 25m
Ringmaster Top: 37.5m
Ringmaster Legs: 37.5m
Ringmaster Boots: 12.5m

Agile Top: 100m
Agile Bottoms : 100m

White Infinity Hat: 25m
White Infinity Top: 37.5m
White Infinity Bottoms: 37.5m

Blue Infinity Hat: 25m
Blue Infinity Top: 37.5m
Blue Infinity Bottoms: 37.5m

Blue Mage Book: 50m
Green Mage Book: 50m
Yellow Mage Book: 50m
White Mage Book: 50m

Red Staff of Light: 62.5m
Blue Staff of Light: 62.5m
Yellow Staff of Light: 62.5m
Green Staff of Light: 62.5m

Ganodermic Beast Drops
Ganodermic Visor - 30m
Ganodermic Poncho - 30m
Ganodermic Leggings - 40m
Polypore Staff - 50m

Tormented Demon Drops
Dragon Claws - 2b
Amulet of Fury - 4.5m


(Caution: Revenants are a PVP Zone - You may lose Items)

Zuriels Staff - 750m
Zuriels Hood - 750m
Zuriels Top - 750m
Zuriels Legs - 750m

Morrigan's Coif - 1b
Morrigan's Body - 1b
Morrigans Legs -1b

Statius' Helmet - 1b
Statius' Body - 1b
Statius' Legs - 1b
Statius' Warhammer -750m

Vesta's Top - 1.5b
Vesta's Legs -1.5b
Vesta's Longsword - 1b


Dragonfire Shield - 500m
Dragon Kiteshield - 500m
 Royal Crossbow Pieces - 50m Each

(Note: Dragonbone Gloves are 1m MAX - They are a 100%  drop)
You may also get many logs from QBD which can be sold for good profit to skillers (e.g. me as I am going for 200m fletching)


Swift Gloves - 1.5b
Goliath Gloves - 1.5b
Spellcaster Gloves-  1b

Battle-Mage Hood: 1b
Battle-Mage Top: 1.5b
Battle-Mage Legs: 1.5b
Battle-Mage Gloves: 1b
Battle-Mage Boots: 1b


These items are the items that are not obtainable via drops (With the exception of the Santa hat - which can be obtained at a VERY low rate from Snowmen south of home and the Third-Age which is an extremely rare reward from the crystal chest) they are some of the rarest items on the server.

Red Partyhat - 5b
Yellow Partyhat - 5b
Blue Partyhat - 5b
Purple Partyhat - 5b
White Partyhat - 5b
Green partyhat - 5b
Santa Hat - 7.5b
Red H'ween Mask - 2b
Blue H'ween Mask - 2b
Green H'ween Mask - 2b
Flaming Skull - 1.5b
- Highwayman Mask - 1b
Cavalier and Mask - 1b
Drygore Rapier - 3b
Drygore Longsword - 4b
Drygore Mace - 4b
Primal Helmet - 3b
Primal Platebody - 3b
Primal Platelegs - 3b
Primal Gauntlets - 2.5b
Primal Boots-  2.5b
Primal 2-handed Sword - 3b
Primal Maul -3b
Primal Longsword - 2.5b
Primal Rapier - 2.5b
Third-Age Helmet - 2.5b
Third-Age Platebody - 3b
Third-Age Platelegs - 3b
Third-Age Kiteshield - 2.5b
Third-Age Mage Hat - 1b (higher drop rate)
Third-Age Mage Top - 3b
Third-Age Made Bottoms -3b
Third-Age Range Coif - 2b
Third-Age Range Top - 2b
Third-Age Range Legs - 2b
Third-Age Range Vambraces - 100m (Fairly Common + Not in demand - multiple ingame)
Third-Age Druidic Staff - 3b
Third-Age Druidic Cloak - 3b
Third-Age Druidic Wreath - 4b
Third-Age Druidic Top - 4b
Third-Age Druidic Bottoms - 4b

Well, that's the end of the price guide guys. I've finally put it up Smile Spent a lot of time working on this so feedback would be appreciated.

Anyone who finds a clear error receives 500k in-game per error Smile (Just Reply to this thread) Also, I'm buying/selling most of these items right now ingame! Hop on and check it out! ~ PvM Ben ~ Ingame Moderator of EmporiumX
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Price Guide for my Server (EmporiumX official Price guide)
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