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 RoyalScape562 - ONLINE

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Get Some more Posts Noob
Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: RoyalScape562 - ONLINE   Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:54 pm



Client Download Link: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

We are Legit 24/7!

RoyalScape is an Amazing 562, With so many Features, That you will never get Bored! We have both Great Skilling and Pking. And the Skills are 98% Working! And we got many many Minigames. RoyalScape is so Unique!
The Staff members are so Unlike others; We Respect All the Players; And Events are being Hosted every Weekend! Join us for Lots of Fun! You will Not Regret it!

We hope to see You, Ingame!

- 100% Anti-Flooder!
- More Npc’s.
- Mage Bank.
- Soul Wars.
- Deep Wild.
- Bounty Hunter.
- Jad Zone.
- Woodcutting Zone.
- Maxing Zone - Fast Training.
- Donator Zone.
- Staff Zone.
- Fully Added Lord Marshal.
- Fully Added War-Chief.
- Fully Added Commander.
- Fully Added Sergeant.
- Fully Added Agile.
- Red/Blue Soul Wars Capes Added.
- Fully Added Elite.
- Fully Added Dagon’hai.
- Inferno Adze (Wieldable.)
- Player Yell.
- Summoning Dismiss Command!
- Barbarian Assault.
- Pest Control.
- New Home.
- New Donator Rank.
- New Tormented Demon.
- New Chaos Elemental Lair.
- New Kalphite Queen.
- More Summoning Monsters.
- Complete Mining Zone.
- Extreme Potions Added!
- Falador Shields Added!
- Barbarian Assault, (::Barb)!

- Kevin.

- Tony.

- Open.

- Nine Trees.
- Open.

- Tranoux.

- Mod Ben.
- God.
- Open.

- Kevin.
- Open.


RoyalScape Picture!

Group Picture!

War-Chief Armour.

Lord Marshal.


Barrows Minigame.


Corp best.

Bandos boss.

Tz-Tok Jad

King Black Dragon.

Mage Bank Pking!.

Mining Area!.

Multi Pking!.



Training zone! (::max)


Tormented Demons!


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RoyalScape562 - ONLINE
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