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 [ 317 ] Falcon's Server [ 317 ]

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Get Some more Posts Noob
Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: [ 317 ] Falcon's Server [ 317 ]   Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:22 am

So This is My Third Post.

Im Advertising an Awesome server ! Very Happy

It has:


Custom Skill Training Area's

Two Combat Training Area's

A Custom ::Home

::Train Has Barbarians, Jogres, Two Gelatinnoth Mothers.

::Train2 Has Skeletal Wyverns, Skeletal Hellhounds, Black Demons.

::Drags Has Metal Dragons.

::Drags2 Has Blue Dragons, Green Dragons, Red Dragons And Black Dragons. affraid

Here's Some Free User Commands !


There's a Heck of a lot, isn't there?

AND Their all for Free Users ! lol!

Well, Here's the Staff !

Owner : Falcon ( Me )

Admin Ben

Mods : None

So, if you want to Join, Heres how.

Hamachi is Here :

And WinRAR Is here :

When you have Hamachi, Open it and Click Network.

Click : Join An Existing Network.

For the Network Name : Falcons Server

And the Password is 123

Now download the Client. Here :

Now, When its done, You will Have A WinRar Program Open up.

Click Extract To, The Click Your Desktop on The WinRAR Program
Then Click Ok.

Lots of Extraction Stuff should come up, Its fine, Just wait...

Now go to your Desktop, NOT ON THE WINRAR PANEL ! bounce bounce

Open The Silab Client you Just extracted.

Double-Click Run.

If an internet Browser opens, Close it. You dont need it.

Now when the Classic Runescape Login Page come up, Click Existing User.

Now, Type In ANY Name you want.

And ANY Password you want.

Now in the Server bit, Type.

Make Sure its right!
Now Login !

Yay your On !

Thanks for reading this Long-ish Thread. santa lol!
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[ 317 ] Falcon's Server [ 317 ]
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