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 SpliceScape | An RSPS Revolution | 24/7 VPS

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Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: SpliceScape | An RSPS Revolution | 24/7 VPS   Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:22 pm

[size=18pt]SpliceScape: An RSPS Revolution[/size]

Join our forums:

SpliceScape is now online! You could say that it is back, most of you won't recognise us but if anyone does don't be shy to let me know if you're from one of the old servers.

This sever will be tough, I'm not going to lie. It will be an economy driven server so that means getting your skill levels up will count for something. To all of you who dare to take on this challenges, welcome and good luck! Don't expect any free items or easy way out of just buying items in shops, you really must earn them.

Check out our unique home! You'll have a new home to explore and a new experience
Pink Rectangle - Godwar Portals
Blue Rectangle - Prayer Altar
Yellow Rectangle - Starting Area


* 4 different PK teleports, very easy to be located, just by a click of your mouse Smile

pking places such as:

* Varrock Wild for multi combat
* Edgeville wild for single combat
* Obelisk (Level 44 Wilderness)
* Mage Bank ( Deep wild )

Also we have 20 Working skills for all you people who aren't into pking people and want other ways of to get your gear and become the richest.

* Theiving - Steal from the stall and sell to the NPC located close by
* Mining
* Fishing
* Cooking
* woodcutting
* Farming
* Runecrafting
* Agility
* Fletching
* Smithing
* Herblore
* Crafting

For all the players who are looking for a challenge we have all sorts of bosses in their real maps!:

* Godwars - 4 portals which are colour coded:(These all drop items!)
Blue - Saradomin
Red - Zamorak
Green - Bandos
Orange - Armadyl

* King Black Dragon
* Dagannoths, require 2 people to open the entrance
* Chaos Elemental
and more coming soon

In addition we have mini games such as:

* Barrows
* Pest control
* Tzaar fight pits
* Duel arena


* Working Vengeance
* All dragons require a shield to avoid being hit by dragonbreath

Here are some images and gifs:
ZGS Spec

SGS Spec

AGS Spec

BGS Spec


Dragon Bolts

Darkbow Spec


Equiptment | Donator Pack | Lock XP

Clan chat




Here is some information about gaining items:
[SPOIL]Certain items.
DDS - Chaos Dwarf
Magic Bow and arrows higher than rune - Fletched
Fury Amulet, Berserker, Archer and Mage Ring - Dagganoth Kings

All Godwar Bosses drop their assigned Godsword hilt and shards.[/SPOIL]

Unique home, many features, constantly trying to improve. Join us now!
I hope you all enjoy the server! Slate me as much as you want, just have fun :awesome:

Client Link: SpliceScape Client V1.rar
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SpliceScape | An RSPS Revolution | 24/7 VPS
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