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 Project jolt rsps!

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Get Some more Posts Noob

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PostSubject: Project jolt rsps!   Project jolt rsps! I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 06, 2013 7:46 pm

Hello, rspservers forum members!

Project jolt rsps! P70LTU9

I am a developer from a new up and coming RSPS named Project Jolt.

We would like to welcome you to our server. We have a stable economy, a ton of bosses, fun mini games, a good small knit community where everyone is friends, and a lot of new, cool items. We also have working summoning with spawnable pouches, of course steel titan being the most notable. Also a very detailed slayer system with rewards like in real runescape, all skills working, and many many more features. We also have working dicing, and working curses, including a working Soul Split curse, on PvM and PvP!

here are some screenshots.

We also allow every player to use ::yell, broadcasting a message to the full server. All you need to use it is 50 thieving! (abuse this and you will be muted very quickly.)

We also have a ton of features for donators! Which I will go into detail below. See what you can donate for here

I will go into detail about the above mentioned things now.

Soon to come, we will also offer a way for you to redeem your Near Reality credits on our server.

Bosses we have: Corporeal beast, all of the GWDs bosses, Nomad, Tormented Demons, plane freezer, Jad, Giant Roc, Daggonoth Kings, King Black Dragon.
All of these bosses are based off of how they are in RuneScape, and less like a private server.

Our minigames: Duel arena, pest control, full barrows (like Runescape) Fight caves, with full jad (but no waves) and a warriors guild, where you can get tokens and get dragon defenders.

Notable Items : All nex sets with working abilities, working corperal beast shields (divine, arcane, spectral and elysian.) We have all chaotics which can be obtained through slayer or donations. We have korasis, claws, ags, zaryte bow, Inferno Adze, enchanted rings, working slayer helm, comp capes, 120 dung capes, working void sets, and much much much more.

Some of our donator zone benefits - ::bank anywhere besides wildy, Tourmented Demons that aren't in wildy, shops only available to donators, restore special, Full Killcount (for GWDs), and a Max hit generator.

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Project jolt rsps!
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